QuiP38 Dispensador de cintas adhesivas de 38 mm

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Apply the tape with the QuiP38 Masking Dispenser for masking 38mm/1.5 inches. Achieving precision in straight lines and precise cutting tape becomes a simple task. Quickly and with precision in a straight line. The dispenser is operable single-handedly and has a clever cutting system. Useful for angles, such as for example window frames, skirting boards, walls, and more. Supplied with an indicator that guides to precisely apply tape exactly in corners or small window frames and – edges. The tape is cut straight and exactly in the corner. Time savings, convenience, and precision  with the dispenser makes it a very useful tool.

Operable with one hand:  The masking tape dispenser has a pistol grip for good control and to cut the tape. This ensures that you can operate the dispenser with one hand.

Universal coil: The tape dispenser has a universal reel. Therefore, it is suitable for any painter’s tape. This means our QuiPtaping tape but also tape from other brands. In addition, the reel may need to be tightened – ideal for lower tack masking tapes to control the speed of tape application.

Rollers: The rollers on the tape dispenser ensure that the masking tape immediately adheres well to the wall. So you don’t have to iron over it by hand afterward.

QuiP38 Tape Dispenser Infographics

Demonstration of the QuiP38 Tape Dispenser

This video demonstrates quickly how the QuiP 38 tape dispenser works!


Masking Dispenser characteristics:

  • Precision in appliance and cutting
  • All brands fit
  • Pistol grip, sharp blade and safety mechanism
  • The housing protects the tape
  • Additional tool: Steel guiding plate
  • Soft rubber wheels press the tape
  • Coil: Adjustable tension
  • Colour: Anthracite/ Green
  • ​Dimensions: LxWXH 9x6x1.2 inch (27x15x3cm)
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Material: Polypropylene/ Metal
  • Comes in carton box with user instructions
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